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SecPod SanerNow – Best & Affordable End-to-End Endpoint Management and Security Solution

Cyberattacks are increasing day by day and endpoints are the prime target for the attackers to intrude the network. Organizations are in a crucial stage to manage and secure their endpoints now to keep their businesses running without any hassles.

Getting endpoints managed and secured rapidly is not an easier task. Organizations have opted for multiple point solutions which will address their endpoint security and management needs. However, it gets daunting and time-consuming to manage numerous solutions at the end of the day. A comprehensive solution that will cater all the endpoint management and security requirements from a single console is the need of the hour.

About SecPod SanerNow:

SecPod SanerNow is an all-in-one endpoint management and security solution which works as a centralized cloud-based platform. The working of SecPod SanerNow is simple as it involves an agent-server based model. To get started with the operations, the agents have to be installed on the client computers, upon which all tasks can be performed within a few simple clicks. It is a light weighted agent and does not take up too much space in the client computers. The product’s server comes with a simple user interface and comes in both on-premise and cloud variants making it easy for organizations to choose. 

OS Platforms Supported: 

SecPod SanerNow support endpoint management and security on all major platforms like Windows, MAC and LINUX.  

Key Applications and Features: 

  • Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Asset Management
  • Endpoint Management (Include Software deployment, Application Control, Device Control etc.)
  • Compliance management 
  • Endpoint threat detection and response

About the product and features in detail: 

The product aims towards delivering the features from all aspects to manage and secure enterprise endpoints at ease. The agent server communication model makes the solution intelligent and performs the operations in a few minutes. A live connection can be configured between the agent and the server, which helps administrators to have continuous real-time monitoring of their endpoints. A quick brief about the features it offers are as follows:

Patch Management:

Offers patching for all major operating systems along with an array of third-party applications like Adobe, Java, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft etc. The end-to-end tasks of patch management from scanning, detection, download and deployment can be automated using Automated Patch Management technique. IT admins can also choose to test and approve the patches before deploying them on the main environment. SanerNow also supports update rollback feature. It offers an extensive patch management dashboard where we can find details like missing patches, systems with missing updates, patches ranged based on their severity, status of the patching task etc.

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Vulnerability Management:

Along with patching, SanerNow offers an extensive vulnerability management feature. The highlight of this feature is vulnerability scanning can be quickly performed within 5 minutes. SecPod SanerNow allows IT admins to scan, detect, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities to safeguard their systems from cyberattacks. It offers vulnerability remediation with an integrated patch management technique. Administrators are often confused about the vulnerabilities they have to remediate first. The product resolves this by automatically prioritizing the vulnerabilities based on their risk and criticality level. The insightful vulnerability dashboard accurately shows the details of the vulnerabilities based on their type, severity, available devices count, exploitability etc. These data can be viewed in various forms of statistics and reports. 

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Asset Management: 

Asset Management is one important task when it comes to both managing and securing the enterprise endpoints. SecPod SanerNow allows organizations to take complete control of their organizations’ endpoints by continuously monitoring their systems and fetching the hardware and software details. The complete details of the hardware and software available in the network are tracked and can be viewed in the asset management dashboard. The product supports uninterrupted live scanning of assets which can be scheduled according to the organization’s requirements. Software licenses can also be managed here, and admins can choose to add unwanted malicious software in the blacklisted category. Offers a wide range of asset management reports to help organizations be audit ready. 

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Endpoint Management: 

This endpoint management feature comprises of various important actions like software deployment, application and device control, system health analysis, system services and process configurations etc. SecPod SanerNow offers an extensive software repository, from where organizations can pick up and deploy the required software. Organizations can also block any malicious applications, USB or peripheral devices which poses a threat to IT security. Along with this, the endpoint can be monitored thoroughly, and changes can be made to system services, processes, registry setting etc., from a centralized console. The endpoint management dashboard gives a clear view of the enterprise endpoints and makes management easier. 

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Compliance management:

Endpoint security can never be complete unless the endpoints are compliant to important security benchmarks. SecPod SanerNow supports important compliance benchmarks like HIPAA, PCI and NIST to help organizations stay secure. With the solution, non-compliant devices can be easily detected, and compliance can be enforced in no time. Organizations can also choose to create their own compliance policy using various setting and configurations available. This way the solution ensures security compliance along with other security features like patch management, vulnerability management and endpoint threat detection and response. 

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Endpoint threat detection and response: 

Threat detection and response is in one important feature SecPod SanerNow offers to safeguard the network systems. Detecting the threats before in-hand and staying ahead of security breaches is an important security strategy organizations require. SanerNow helps in identifying systems which have settings and configuration which might lead to potential attacks and responds to them instantly. It also identifies the systems which are already comprised of attacks and help organizations remove them from the network. In short, it identifies both the indicators of attack and indicators of compromise in the network and safeguards the network from potentials risks.

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Customer Support: 

Allows 24/5 uninterrupted customer support through email, chats and call. 


The product is affordable and can be purchased with all the applications or only with the required ones making it more customizable. You can contact any of the email IDs given below to get the pricing,

Overall, SecPod SanerNow is a go-to solution for organizations to manage and secure their endpoints from a centralized console. The advanced techniques, salient features, automation methods, user-friendly product interface and affordable pricing makes SecPod SanerNow both effective and efficient in the endpoint security and management domain.


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