Scammers distributing a fake version of the most famous windows movie editor(Windows Movie Maker) targetting monetary benefits. Scammers used blackhat SEO techniques to boost the search engine results of their website.

If you search with Google or Bing for the keywords “Movie Maker” and “Windows Movie Maker”, the website that spreading modified Windows Movie Maker comes first.

We have checked the website statistics with Alexa it shows a rapid growth curve and it listed among top 15k most visited websites in the world.

ESET detected the scam as Win32/Hoax.MovieMaker and reported to Google and Microsoft about the fraudulent nature of the website.It ranked as number one threat in Israel and number third as worldwide.

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How it works – Fake Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker provided by Microsoft for free, but the fake version continues to repeatedly prompt users to purchase a full version. It won’t allow users to save their work and prompts to purchase a full version to make this feature available.

Scammers charging $29.95 after 25% discount for the fake upgrade on their payment website.

Poisoning the most searching keywords such as movie maker, an attacker can achieve the maximum conversion rate of their infections which may lead to gather some useful information about Victims.

Unlike traditional threat spreading methods like Email based malspam, the attacker using specific sets of search keywords which will query by targets using search engines such as Google and Bing.

Common defences

  • Use a reputable security suite.
  • CIA cycle(Confidentiality, integrity, and availability).
  • Make sure that software you are purchasing is a legitimate one.
  • Don’t save your card information on any websites.
  • Ensure it is a legitimate website before purchasing any products.

Indicators of compromise

  • Installers/droppers:


  • Variants of hoax app:



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