Shodan Monitor

Shodan launches a new tool that helps organizations in detecting their devices that exposed over the Internet. The Shodan Monitor keeps track of the devices exposed to the internet.

It allows you to set up notifications, launch scans and gains complete visibility into what you have connected.

Shodan used by security professionals to discover the computers, ICS devices, IoT, databases that are open to the Internet through misconfigurations.

It is a massive port scanner which allows analyzing the Internet in Seconds, you can integrate Shodan with Nmap, Metasploit, Maltego, FOCA, Chrome, Firefox and more. You can get Shodan tutorials here.

The Shodan Monitor is a new tool helps you monitor not just your known network but also find your devices across the Internet. Detect data leaks to the cloud, phishing websites compromised databases and more.

With the Shodan monitor tool, you can monitor all of your connected devices on the Internet. The tool interface looks clear and focuses only on the most important issues.

“Whether you want to monitor 1 IP or you’re an ISP with millions of customers – the Shodan platform was built to handle networks of all sizes without breaking a sweat,” you can access the tool here.

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