The signal is an encrypted communication app, using signal you can communicate with your easily and securely. It is the most scalable encryption tool that encrypts any text, video, or image before it leaves your phone.

Now to avoid further information disclosure Signal comes up with Sealed sender feature that hides the sender information outside of the package.

With the traditional Email encryption system, the server cannot read the encrypted content but uses the information outside of the package to deliver the message between users.

“While the service always needs to know where a message should be delivered, ideally it shouldn’t need to know who the sender is. It would be better if the service could handle packages where only the destination is written on the outside, with a blank space where the “from” address used to be.”


How the New Sealed Sender Feature Will Work

The service aims to validate the sender’s identity to prevent spoofed messages and provide assurance for the receivers bout who sent the message.

  • When the user sends the message will be encrypted as usual with Signal protocol.
  • It includes a sender certificate in the envelope and encrypts the envelope of the receipt.
  • Without authentication, the encrypted envelop sent along with the recipient’s delivery token.
  • The message recipient only can decrypt it and validate the envelope matches the sender certificate.

Users can enable an optional setting that allows them to receive incoming “sealed sender” messages from non-contacts and people with whom they haven’t shared their profile or delivery token.

Sealed sender

The setting can be enabled from Settings >> Sealed Sender >> Allow from Anyone. The feature included with the latest beta release, as like before the Message contents are end-to-end encrypted, along with that they start envelope the sender information.

“Our beta releases are not for the faint of heart. If you need a stable and reliable messaging experience, we strongly encourage you to wait.” reads the signal blog post.


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