Perimeter 81 is excited to announce the early availability of our Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Solution. Organizations can now benefit from setting custom web access rules to cloud resources and other critical assets with an “Allow” or “Deny” feature.   

The new Secure Web Gateway embodies the radical simplicity of Perimeter 81, which includes Instant deployment, an intuitive user-centric interface, all in a single dashboard for easy activity monitoring. Custom to fit any organization’s unique requirements.                                      

The goal of Perimeter 81 from day one has been about providing cost-effective and cloud-based security solutions, such as our cloud-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for protecting the corporate network in the new WFH hybrid model. 

Recently, we were named a Gartner® Recognized Representative ZTNA vendor. A proud achievement. With over 2,500 businesses greatly benefiting from Perimeter 81’s wide range of security services, we have added yet another tool to our arsenal.

The Need for Online Protection by Remote Workers

As quickly as organizations embraced the new remote work reality, Perimeter 81 continually evolved its remote access security solutions. A recent study we conducted showed that 87% of companies will likely have remote and hybrid workers in 2022.

In that same study, we found that 64% of remote workers were the targets of various cybersecurity incidents in 2020 and 2021. The leading causes were ransomware and phishing attacks. So, the need to develop a Secure Web Gateway felt an almost natural fit for us.

Perimeter 81’s SWG is designed to work against all kinds of threats with custom bypass rules. You’re now able to easily filter out harmful content or restrict certain websites such as gambling, gaming, and social media. Fewer distractions translate to increased employee productivity and a safer work environment. 

How Perimeter 81’s Secure Web Getaway Works

One of the main features of our SWG is web filtering, which also helps prevent shadow IT. Shadow IT is the use of hardware and software by a department without the knowledge of IT. This can be a real problem for a large scale organization as over 80% of workers have admitted to using SaaS applications at work without approval from IT.

Web filtering ensures that only authorized employees may access certain sites or applications.                                                             

We have also included rules for bypassing security in some instances where admins may want to do so. Some programs do not require SSL inspection, or admins may also want to bypass security to comply with some web activity privacy regulations.

With web access monitoring, organizations can have the visibility into web activities that they need for total network security. You can also create reports on web activity which can be filtered by employee or URL so that security breaches are easily caught and contained from the onset.

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. Employees have a shield of security since the “always-on” feature is kept by default, so remote devices can remain protected – far from the traditional office setting.                                

Other features we have added in the past year to enhance our security and networking capabilities include:                         

Malware detection coming soon, so stay tuned! We can’t wait to hear back from our early release customers after they try out all the features of our Secure Web Gateway. Learn more about our SWG and other solutions by scheduling a demo or contacting your Perimeter 81 account manager.


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