Cloud computing is seemingly everywhere, however in ways that may not even be aware of. In fact, you almost certainly use cloud computing services on a daily basis while not even knowing it.

Cloud means a website is hosted on a fault-tolerant network of clustered servers that safely distributes user data in parts or copies across a secured network.

The user’s data is distributed across the network in parts and multiple backups, so if one server should fail another server will pick up the workload, with the minimal-to-no effect on the end user.

SkySilk built in many security measures to ensure user data, and especially credit card info, is never accessible via Their servers directly.


When you own a business, having the required flexibility is vital. this can be wherever cloud computing for small to medium businesses comes in.

Many hosting providers will offer a trial period for a VPS or a temporary free option. SkySilk is one of the few providers that provides a completely free VPS tier to users, indefinitely, no strings attached. All users are provisioned 1 FREE VPS per user.

SkySilk Cloud

The free VPS includes the following specs:

25GB SSD Storage
12Mb/s Bandwidth
500GB Transfer

Their standard pricing plans start’s at $10.00/month and each of our plans is completely configurable. Their premium plan includes a number of features such as Premium Support, Free Scheduled Backups, Free Scheduled Snapshots, Higher Transfer Limits, Higher Bandwidth Limits, and Larger VPS Resource Limits.

Also, they do offer customized plans where you can build your own cloud VPS based on your requirements.

SkySilk Cloud offers 40+ Linux OS and Open Source App Templates such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, and more.

Pro Features – SkySilk Cloud

Container-based Linux VPS powered by ProxMox VE
Triple-Replicated SSD cloud storage
Pre-Distributed File System architected with Ceph
56Gb Ethernet & 200 Gbps Infiniband Dual Network Backbone
Enterprise-level Hardware & Data Center Security


Skysilk datacenters are fully PCI compliant and all communications are transmitted over SSL (HTTPS) for both access to the public website as well as the Internal API.

Backup feature

Backups and Snapshots are available for all Standard and Premium VPS plans. The manual snapshots are the free one and automated backups are available at a minimal price.

Overall SkySilk is a well optimized secure Cloud Platform. Also, they do offer a free beta program for a limited time as part of our special invite beta testing.


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