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Social media has attracted quite the traction today, and technology has allowed for newer social media platforms to emerge every which way. Truth is, there is still a ready market and audience for the different platforms, which is why businesses are visiting resourceful sites like to help with management.

Still, the advantageous social media has not come devoid of its ill, some of which can totally crumble and bring down a business, even a renowned one. Cybersecurity and information privacy is hence the top concern for businesses, which is why you too need to be cautious to secure your social media accounts from hackers. Here’s how to get started:

Use complex passwords and passphrases

With such great technology out for all to enjoy, it has become very easy to figure out people’s passwords and crack through. For this reason, ensure you come up with complex passwords and passphrases.

Passphrases are a combination of letters picked out from your favorite phrases, one that only you can figure out. Ensure you follow the basic rules of creating strong passwords, that is, contains alphanumerical characters and is long enough.

Tip: Use a password manager to generate and store passwords, like LastPass, so that you do not have to remember all your passwords and you have ideas on complex passwords to consider.

Frequently change your passwords

As much as you might resolve to different complex passwords for your social media accounts, it pays to change them frequently. Hackers are not stupid, which is why they have the ability to easily figure out your passwords if you use them long enough.

You can pick out a frequency that is convenient for you, say once every month but be cautious to avoid blocking your accounts. For the accounts with more sensitive information especially, do not forget the occasional change, for instance, emails.

Use the multi-factor authentication method

The most common is the two-factor authentication that is gaining popularity because it limits access to accounts. This tactic notifies you when someone else attempts to log into your accounts, where you can deny them the chance with the click of a button from your device.

Limit access

It can seem convenient to let people handle your social media activity by hiring experts like a digital marketer. However, there is a need to limit access to your social media accounts, not just as a security measure against hackers, but also to ensure quality and agreed-upon content is posted on your site.

Limited access also assures you of less deliberate sabotage because you can easily trail back to who was responsible for what.

Regularly audit your social media accounts

While still armed with the keenest precautionary measures for your social media, threats can still slip through. Audit your social media accounts to check for misrepresented content that can hurt your reputation or put your business in a compromising situation and bring them down immediately.

Check to see if there are any suspicious files sent to your social media accounts as attachment or links and get rid of them before they strike. These checks are important to also regulate tools that have access to your accounts especially as to matters automatic content posting.

Despite the worry about cybersecurity and information privacy, there are evidently solutions to combat them.

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