Delivering programs the way people want to use them is a prerequisite for being a successful businessman in today’s highly competitive digital market. The industry of software has overcome all the implications of moving, from purchasing an open-ended software license to a subscription option or other software monetization methods.

Users prefer when the software is provided to them as a service, and they like to pay for what they’ve used. These and other changes are driving a fundamental shift in the way software developers build or run this business.

Monetization Process: Necessary Conditions

The methodology of monetization for each computer program is unique, and you must take many factors into account. It is necessary to know answers to many questions to make software monetization work as efficiently as possible:

  • What sets of modules will typical products consist of?
  • What licensing restrictions will apply to them?
  • How will restrictions be controlled?
  • On which media will the client receive the license?
  • How to keep records of issued licenses and how to renew them?
  • How to collect software use statistics? SDK programs’ monetization facilities (Windows, macOS) solve a full range of tasks to maximize software revenue. Monetizing software can be thought of as taking steps to increase the profitability of the software.

Often, software developers who want to make money on their programs do not know how to approach this. The implementation of software monetization at has many advantages:

  • Tangible additional income
  • Reliable service with transparent rules
  • Continuous monetization process
  • Lightweight
  • Improved user experience
  • Customer loyalty

Despite the type of software product you are developing or the way you deliver it to the end-user, Infatica’s SDK is an effective method to monetize your traffic. The service is easy-to-use, with many advanced features. No complicated algorithms are needed – you can easily implement their SDK into your desktop software.


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