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SolarWinds Platform 2023.3 Released – What’s New!

SolarWinds announces the release of SolarWinds Platform 2023.3, which includes new features and platform upgrades.

Further, the release notes detail the issues that were resolved in the version. The company announced end-of-life plans for modules based on Orion Platform 2020.2.6 and earlier.

New Updates

  • Support for OpenSSL 3.0
  • In the Configuration Wizard, IIS Centralised Certificate Store can be used for the website.
  • AlertStack cluster lifetime was added to automatically close alert stacks after 7 days.
  • Modifiable WorldWide Map API key support for WorldWide Map updates.
  • SolarWinds Platform Maps updates support for dynamically showing the SolarWinds Platform Map on group details views depending on the group name variable.

Fixes Available

The Buffer Overflow Vulnerability tracked as CVE-2022-37434 with a ‘Critical’ Severity Range has been specifically included in this release.

“zlib through 1.2.12 has a heap-based buffer over-read or buffer overflow in inflate in inflate.c via a large gzip header extra field”, the company explains.

Only applications that use inflateGetHeader are affected. Some popular apps may include the affected zlib source code but may be unable to call inflateGetHeader.

The Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability tracked as CVE-2020-7656 with a ‘High’ severity range has been included in the release.

Particularly, SolarWinds Platform 2023.3 includes 10 medium-severity vulnerabilities in the SolarWinds platform, including third-party CVEs.

To Install or Upgrade

To begin an upgrade, including options to pre-stage the installation files, go to Settings > My Deployment to initiate the upgrade.  The SolarWinds Installer upgrades your complete deployment (including all SolarWinds Platform products and scalability engines).

You can obtain the installation file for new installations from the product page at or via the Customer Portal.

Furthermore, SolarWinds advises users to promptly upgrade their products to the latest version available.

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