New Android play Store Malware called HummingBad Download several million times by unsuspecting users and possible to gain all root access of the infected Android phone.

Check Point researchers have found a new variant of the HummingBad malware hidden in more than 20 apps on Google Play.

Earlier 2016, Check Point on customer’s devices was discovered this HummingBad Malware.According to the Check point Report,

” HummingBad stands out as an extremely sophisticated and well-developed malware, which employed a chain-attack tactic and a rootkit to gain full control over the infected device “

How This malware infect your Adroid Phone

Check point identified several new HummingBad samples which operate as the previous version did and begun to promote the new HummingWhale version as part of their activity.

This new malware was also heavily packed and contained its main payload in the ‘group.png’ file, which is, in fact, an apk, meaning they can be run as executables.

Check point Explained in blog,

” This .apk operates as a dropper, used to download and execute additional apps, similar to the tactics employed by previous versions of HummingBad”

This dropper went much further. It uses an Android plugin called DroidPlugin, originally developed by Qihoo 360, to upload fraudulent apps on a virtual machine.

First, the Command and Control server (C&C) provides fake ads and apps to the installed malware, which presents them to the user.

Once the user tries to close the ad, the app, which was already downloaded by the malware, is uploaded to the virtual machine and run as if it is a real device.

This action generates the fake referrer id, which the malware uses to generate revenues for the perpetrators.

All of the Malicious apps were uploaded under the names of fake Chinese developers. In addition to the camera family, researchers were able to identify 16 additional, distinct package names related to the same malware.

All the Related malware contain apps also Discovered in same Google play store.

However, the most suspicious property of these apps was a 1.3MB encrypted file called ‘assets/group.png’ – a suspiciously large file. Some later HummingBad samples disguised as an app called “file-explorer” had the exact same encrypted file with a similar size.

How this Malware Generate Revenue

  1. It allows the malware to install apps without gaining elevated permissions first.
  2. It disguises the malicious activity, which allows it to infiltrate Google Play.
  3. It allows the malware to let go of its embedded rootkit since it can achieve the same effect even without it.
  4. It can install an infinite number of fraudulent apps without overloading the device.
  5. HummingWhale also conducted further malicious activities, like displaying illegitimate ads on a device, and hiding the original app after installation, a trait which was noticed by several users

How many Victims Affected

The malware was spread through third-party app stores and affected over 10 million victims, rooting thousands of devices each day and generating at least $300,000 per month. 

HummingBad was so widespread that in the first half of 2016 it reached fourth place in ‘the most prevalent malware globally’ list, and dominated the mobile threat landscape with over 72% of attacks, Check Point Said.

Affected Package names:

  • – Whale Camera
  • com.op.blinkingcamera – Blinking Camera
  • – Orange Camera
  • – Ocean camera
  • io.zhuozhuo.snail.android_snails -蜗牛手游加速器-专业的vpn,解决手游卡顿延迟问题
  • – HiPorn
  • – Cleaner: Safe and Fast
  • – Fast Cleaner
  • – Deep Cleaner
  • –             Rainbow Camera
  • – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.wall.good.clevercamera – Clever Camera
  • – Hot Cleaner
  • – SmartAlbums
  • com.tree.tiny.cleaner – Tiny Cleaner
  • – Topspeed Test2
  • – Orange Camera
  • – FlappyCat
  • com.just.parrot.album – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.ogteam.elephanta.album – Elephant Album
  • gorer – File Explorer
  • – Swan Camera
  • – Smile Camera
  • com.air.cra.wars – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Wow Camera-Beauty,Collage,Edit
  • com.start.super.speedtest – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Shell Camera
  • com.ogteam.birds.album – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • com.tec.file.master – File Master
  • – Whale Camera
  • – HiPorn
  • – Coco Camera
  • – file explorer
  • – Sweet Camera
  • – Blinking Camera
  • – Art camera
  • – Ice Camera
  • – Hot Camera
  • com.more.light.vpn – Light VPN-Fast, Safe,Free
  • – Beauty Camera
  • com.bunny.h5game.parkour – Easter Rush
  • Happy Camera
  • – com.qti.atfwd.core
  • – Clever Camera
  • – Clever Camera

This infected application has been reported to Google Security Team by Check point malware Research Team and google were Removed those all infected Applications.

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