Threat Actor Sells Source Code of Popular Android RAT in the Dark Web

Dark web forums are the nesting grounds for threat actors to distribute hacking tools and other illicit documents. These dark web forums are known for anonymity and they can be reached only using a browser such as Tor.

SenseCy observed a sales thread in a hacking forum created by Arab-speaking threat actor with handle mobeebom for selling his Android RAT Tool MobiHok v4.

Android RAT Advertised

The MobiHok RAT developed in Visual Basic .NET and Android Studio, and it is capable of gaining complete control over the infected device. The RAT was inherited from Spynote.

The author of MobiHok, just copied the source code of SpyNote and made minor changes and resells as a new RAT dubbed MobiHok.

Further analysis from SenseCy revealed that “the malware presents new features, such as a bypass to the Facebook authentication mechanism.”

The RAT can be purchased form the threat actors. it includes a variety of purchase options. It is possible to acquire the RAT as a complete package including source code and it costs US$ 15,000.

According to the advertisement, the modified RAT can perform the following activities

  • Control of the files
  • Control of the camera
  • Keylogging
  • Control of the SMS
  • Control of the contacts
  • Control of the apps
  • Control of the account/phone settings
  • Terminal
  • Bypass of Samsung security mechanisms
  • Bypass of Google Play security mechanisms
  • No “rooted” device required
  • The RAT can be bind to another APK app

The author of the RAT also published malware related posts on Facebook page and a YouTube channel since from January.

Earlier this year Facebook taken down 74 Facebook Groups for using it as a marketplace to trade illicit goods and services.

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