Microsoft stopped supporting Internet Explorer browser before years, but still, a number of legacy websites with older web apps still depends on Internet Explorer.

Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s calls “perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser.” He said that we are not supporting new standards anymore with IE anymore.

Nowadays developers even stopped testing their sites for Internet Explorer and they use to test only for the modern browsers.

Microsoft has tried a number of methods to stop businesses that are using Internet Explorer and try pushing them to upgrade their apps, but still IT admins continue to use it as a compatible solution.

“As you can see, by going with the “technical debt by default” approach, we ended up in a scenario whereby if you create a brand-new webpage today, run it in the local intranet zone, and don’t add any additional markup, you will end up using a 1999 implementation of web standards by default. Yikes!”

Hackers exploit vulnerability with Internet Explorer (CVE-2018-8174) to embed a cryptocurrency-mining malware to mine Monero by Compromising Windows PC.

Another Zero-day in Internet Explorer allows remote code execution that allows an attacker could execute arbitrary code and take the complete control of the infected system.

“Internet Explorer is a compatibility solution. We’re not supporting new web standards for it, so, if we continued our previous approach, you would end up in a scenario where, by optimizing for the things you have, you end up not being able to use new apps as they come out,” said Chris Jackson.

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