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Security analysts at DCSO CyTec have recently identified that the Outlook and Thunderbird clients have been targeted by a new information-stealing malware called StrelaStealer (“Стрела” == arrow) specifically it steals account credentials.

The demeanor of this information-stealer differs from that of the majority stealers, which target different sources of information, such as:-

  • Web browsers
  • Cryptocurrency wallet apps
  • Cloud gaming apps
  • Clipboard

Early in November 2022, DCSO CyTec discovered StrelaStealer for the first time. Based on the lure documents used in the attack, it appears that it is distributed via ISO files with Spanish targets attached to them. 

Currently, it is not clear if StrelaStealer is part of a targeted attack or if it was part of a hacker’s work to spread the infection.

Infection Chain

In the form of ISO files, this information stealer is delivered to the victim’s computer via email attachment to infect the victim’s system.

According to the report, StrelaStealer can be sideloaded as slc.dll and this is done through the use of a renamed version of msinfo32.exe. While apart from this, in the form of a DLL/HTML polyglot file, the StrelaStealer can also be distributed.

The term polyglot file refers to a file that can be read by two or more different file formats at the same time. While in the case of StrelaStealer, it uses a file that is both valid as a:-

  • DLL
  • HTML
Infection Chain

There are two files contained in the ISO file, and here they are mentioned below:-

  • Factura.lnk
  • x.html file

A file called “x.html” is executed two times by the first file (LNK file). Initially, it is going to be done in the form of a DLL, and then in the form of an HTML file.

In order to make the attack appear less suspicious, the default web browser is opened once the malware is loaded into memory to display the decoy.


In order to find the logins.json and key4.db files, StrelaStealer searches the following directory when it executes:-

  • %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Profiles\

As soon as it is completed, it will exfiltrate all the available contents of those files to the C2 server. Upon retrieving the software’s key from the Windows Registry, StrelaStealer finds the following values for Outlook:-

  • IMAP User
  • IMAP Server
  • IMAP Password

It is designed to securely communicate over plain HTTP POSTs using xor keys for both the strings and the payload. There are hard-coded C2 servers and resource names that are used by the stealer.

Moreover, this malware may be used in highly targeted attacks since it is spread using Spanish-language lures.

Indicators of Compromise

Pdb path:
"C:\Users\Serhii\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\StrelaDLLCompile\Release\StrelaDLLCompile.pdb"
C2 server:

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