Students hacked

Students hacked into Bloomfield Hills High School by exploiting a vulnerability in the system to manipulate their personal grades, attendance and lunch balance information.

They hacked into the student’s information system “MISTAR” that hosts the Student information data, Bloomfield believes that the unauthorized changes made within MISTAR impact more than 20 high school students record in some way.

Bloomfield hired a third-party forensic investigator and the investigation in progress. As a precaution measure, the school resets all Parent Portal passwords on Friday and mailed to all parents detailing the incident and how to change their password upon returning to the system.

“One of our employees who uses the system noticed something unusual upon logging in and then asked some questions and referred it to our helpdesk, and they started digging and found out what was going on,” Superintendent Robert Glass said.

According to school Superintendent, “the consequences to these young individuals are likely to be severe, Our highest priority is our students – their safety, their needs, and their overall education. That said, we also have a responsibility to you, the parents and guardians of our students.”

“Due to student privacy laws, we’re not able to disclose more information but we can assure you that we’re working within the full extent of the Student Code of Conduct and the full extent of the law.” Glass said.

Glass concluded with an apology saying he’s “embarrassed that students from our school districts thought to use their technology skills and their talents to selfishly manipulate grades and other district data for personal gains.”

Bloomfield Hills High School published a YouTube video and a popup statement on their website as a warning for other students. We take seriously our responsibility to gather and restore your information, now the student information system is safe and the vulnerability has been resolved Glass said.

Cybercrime is affecting the personal, educational and financial lives of millions of students each year, yet 66% of Indian educational institutions spend just 5 to 15% of their IT budget on securing their systems.

Last December Tenafly High School Students hacked his school computer system and changed several of his grades and his overall GPA.

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