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Sublist3r – Tool for Penetration testers to Enumerate Sub-domains

Sublist3r a python based enumeration tool that enumerates subdomains of the domain using Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Ask. It also enumerates subdomains using Netcraft, Virustotal, ThreatCrowd, DNSdumpster, and ReverseDNS.

Subbrute added with it to enhance the finding of all possible domains using brute force with an improved word list.In this Kali Linux tutorial, we show how to enumerate the subdomains with Sublist3r.

Working with Sublist3r

To clone the tool


Recommended Versions

Python 2 is 2.7.x
Python 3 is 3.4.x

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To list all the possible options

python sublist3r.py -h


To enumerate subdomains of specific domain

 python sublist3r.py -d google.com


To enumerate subdomains of specific domain and show only subdomains which have open ports 80 and 443

 python sublist3r.py -v -d vulnweb.com -p 80,443


The pen-testing helps administrator to close unused ports, additional services, Hide or Customize banners, Troubleshooting services and to calibrate firewall rules.You should test in all ways to guarantee there is no security loophole.

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