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New CHAINSHOT Malware Attack Carried Adobe Flash 0-day Exploit with Weaponized Microsoft Excel Documents

Newly discovered CHAINSHOT Malware attack using Adobe Flash 0-day vulnerability that carried by several Weaponized documents along with the encrypted malware payload. Researchers successfully cracked...
Remove Adobe Flash

US Government to Remove Adobe Flash Contents From Federal Agency Sites and Computers

US Government agencies to remove Adobe Flash contents from websites and computers by August 1, 2019. The United States Senator Ron Wyden asks three government...
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New Malware Campaign Trick Victims as an Adobe Flash Player Installers

Security researchers from ESET identified the sophisticated hacker group Turla added new malware to its arsenal. It attempts victims to install the backdoor via...
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Adobe Flash Player Bug that can Leak Windows User Credentials

Adobe published a new version of Flash player in the middle of this week covering the Security issues under CVE-2017-3085 that affects all the...
Adobe patches Multiple Security Flaw in Flash Player

Adobe patches Multiple Security Flaw in Flash Player and Adobe Connect

Adobe releases patches for critical security flaws which allows attackers to control your system. This bundle applies for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS. Flash...


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