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New Android Ransomware

New Sophisticated Android Ransomware that Doesn’t Encrypt Files but Blocks Access to Devices

Microsoft detected new Android ransomware with new attack techniques and behavior that indicates the evolution of mobile ransomware. As...
new Android Spyware

APT‑C‑23 Hacker Group Attacks Android Users That Records Calls & Take Pictures Silently

Security researchers discovered new spyware used by the APT-C-23 threat group to target Android users through fake Android app store.
Joker Malware on Google Play

Joker Malware Targets Android Users to steal SMS Messages and Contact Lists – 17...

Joker is one of the most prominent malware families that continuously target the Android devices, it's main activity is to stimulate clicks...
Joker malware

New Variant of Infamous Android Joker Malware Bypasses Google Play Security to Attack Users

The Joker malware detected in early June 2019, it employs several tactics to bypass GooglePlay protection and to perform several malicious activities.
Cerberus Android Banking Malware

Cerberus Android Banking Malware Mimic as Currency Converter App Found on Google Play

Cerberus Android banking malware found on Google play targeting Android users, particularly in Spain. Cerberus spotted first in the year 2019, it...


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