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Android Ransomware

Hackers Spreading Android Ransomware via SMS to your Contacts and Encrypt your Device Files

A new family of Android Ransomware dubbed Android/Filecoder.C distributed various online forums and further uses the victim's contact list to SMS with...
Android Ransomware

Beware: Dangerous Android Ransomware “LOKIBOT” Attacked Many Users & Earned $1.5Million From Compromised Victims

Dangerous Android Banking Trojan "LOKIBOT" has distributed around the world with sophisticated Ransomware future and demanding around $70 and $100 from compromised victims. Based on the...

Innovative Android Ransomware “DoubleLocker” Encrypts data and changes the Device PIN

Security researchers from ESET spotted a new Android ransomware DoubleLocker which encrypts all the files on your device and also it changes the device...
New Android RAT

A Mobile Ransomware Called “LeakerLocker” Found in Google Play Store Which Leaks Phone’s...

Mobile Ransomware called LeakerLocker Found in Google Playstore which infect the Android Mobile user and steals the information such as contact Phone numbers, Phone...


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