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Android Checklist

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 11 – Android Checklist

Mobile platforms provide many different services, from authentication, to secure data storage, to secure network communications. Failing to use some part of the platform...

LightsOut – Malicious Flashlight Apps on Google Play with Nearly 7.5 Million Downloads

A new adware spotted in Google play contains scripts to overrides the user decision and disable ads outside of legitimate context. It hides icon...
Mobile Application

Mobile Security Testing to Protect Your Applications From Cyber Threats

Owing to the sudden increase in the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, mobile application these days are proved as vital in...
Mobile Malware

New “GnatSpy” Mobile Malware Stealing data Such as Images, Text messages, Contacts, and Call...

A newly emerging mobile malware GnatSpy capable of abusing infected mobile and stealing various type of data such Images, Text messages, Contacts, and Call...
Users Location

Google Collects Android Users Location Even though you have Turnoff Location Services

Android phones collecting users location data even when you are offline and send it back to google once you have connected to the Internet....


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