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Fake Calls Android Malware

Fake Calls Android Malware Attacking Android Users to Steal Banking Details

An Android Trojan dubbed “FakeCalls” was spotted by the Check Point Research team. This malware can pretend to be one of more than 20...
Rise in Mobile Banking Malware

Alarming Rise in Mobile Banking Malware – Over 200,000 New Installers Discovered

In 2022, the number of new mobile banking Trojan installers found by Kaspersky Lab's cybersecurity researchers surged to 196,476, which is more than twice...
Malicious 2FA Apps Google Play

Beware of Malicious 2FA Apps in App Store and Google Play that Deploys Malware

Cybersecurity experts at Sophos recently detected multiple malicious 2FA apps in App Store and Google Play that deploy malware.  While Twitter made a recent announcement...
Google Play Store Privacy

Nearly 80% Of Google Play Store Apps ‘Violating Data Privacy Labels’ – Mozilla

According to a Mozilla analysis, the majority of the top apps' data privacy labels on the Google Play Store are false or deceptive. “Google Play...
New BrasDex Android Malware

Hackers Use New BrasDex Android Malware to Steal Users’ Banking Details

A new Android trojan called BrasDex has been identified as the work of the same threat actors responsible for the Casbaneiro malware that targets...
Google to Pay 1M Fine

Google to Pay $391M Fine for Android User Location Tracking Practices

To settle a privacy lawsuit brought by a group of attorneys general from 40 different U.S. states, Google has agreed to pay $391.5 million. Reports...
Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass

Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass Let Attacker Unlock the Screen Without PIN

A lock screen bypass vulnerability that affects all Pixel phones has been discovered by an ethical hacker. On his Pixel 6, David Schutz discovered...

SandStrike – Previously Unknown Android Malware Attacks Android Users Via VPN App

Android users are being targeted by threat actors using spyware known as SandStrike, which is delivered via malware-infected VPN applications. In short, threat actors...

New Powerful RatMilad Malware Steals Almost Every Data From Android Device

A new Android spyware called RatMilad has been discovered by researchers at the security company Zimperium Labs. There have been observations of this spyware...
35 Malware Android Apps

35 Malware Android Apps With over 2 million Installation Found on the Google Play...

It has become increasingly common for threat actors to use Google Play Store to attempt to get malicious applications listed there in recent years....

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