Tag: AZORult Malware

AZORult Malware Abusing RDP Protocol To Steal the Data by Establish a Remote ...

Sophisticated AZORult Malware emerges in a new form with advanced information stealing modules that capable of stealing sensitive information from infected computers.
Azorult malware

Dark Web Malware Builder Allow Attackers To Create Malware That Steals Passwords & Credit...

Researchers from Checkpoint spotted a free online builder for building customized binaries for the popular info-stealer Azorult malware that steals user passwords, credit card information,...

New AZORult Malware Spreading Via Office Documents Steals to Credentials & Launch Ransomware Attack

Threat actors behind AZORult malware released an updated version with improvements on both the stealer and the downloader functionalities. Within a day after the...


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