Tag: AZORult Malware

BitPaymer Ransomware

BitPaymer Ransomware Attack Several Spanish MSSP Based Companies Via Hacked Websites

A new wave of BitPaymer Ransomware attack several MSSP based companies in Spain through compromised websites, and it's using various other malware...

AZORult Malware Abusing RDP Protocol To Steal the Data by Establish a Remote ...

Sophisticated AZORult Malware emerges in a new form with advanced information stealing modules that capable of stealing sensitive information from infected computers.
Azorult malware

Dark Web Malware Builder Allow Attackers To Create Malware That Steals Passwords & Credit...

Researchers from Checkpoint spotted a free online builder for building customized binaries for the popular info-stealer Azorult malware that steals user passwords, credit card information,...

New AZORult Malware Spreading Via Office Documents Steals to Credentials & Launch Ransomware Attack

Threat actors behind AZORult malware released an updated version with improvements on both the stealer and the downloader functionalities. Within a day after the...


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