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Fakebank malware variant

Fakebank Malware Variant that Intercepts Android user’s Banking Calls

The Fakebank malware comes back, with its new Fakebank malware variant that intercepts the Android users' banking incoming and outgoing calls. Attackers distributed the...
cheap Android device

Trojan Comes Preinstalled on More than 40 Cheap Android Device Models

Some of the cheap Android device models comes preinstalled with Trojan Android.Triada.231 that infects Android system component Zygote where all the Android application process...

Dreambot Banking Trojan Delivered via Resume-Themed Email

Dreambot banking Trojan which is a variant of Ursnif spreading via resume themed email, it is one of the most active banking trojans.Its activity...
Dictionary Attack

DOWNAD Malware using Dictionary Attack to Control the Servers & Remotely Execute Code

A Banking Trojan called DOWNAD has been discovered after 9 years that is capable of remotely inject malicious code into a server and also...
Banking Trojan

New Banking Trojan Steal Money From Bank Accounts by Abusing Windows OS

A new dubbed Banking Trojan "Gozi" discovered that is capable of abusing windows users and stealing bank information from victims computer which has some advanced...


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