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BLEEDINGBIT – Two Bluetooth Chip-level Vulnerabilities Affected Millions of Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point Devices

Researcher's discovered 2 critical Bluetooth vulnerabilities in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)  is named as " BLEEDINGBIT " affected millions of BLE embedded devices that...
BlueBorne Attack

2 Billion Bluetooth Devices are Still Vulnerable to Dangerous BlueBorne Attack After 1 Year

A recent report revealed that more than 2 Billion Bluetooth Devices are still vulnerable to BlueBorne Attack even after 1 year later since the...

Btlejacking Attack Could Allow a Hacker to Jam and Takeover the Bluetooth Connection

The Btlejacking Attack allows taking control over any Bluetooth Low Energy device, the attack abuses supervision timeout between two connected devices. The supervision timeout...

Critical BlueBorne Vulnerability Impacts Around 20 Million Google Home and Amazon Echo Devices

Bluetooth is the leading and most widespread protocol for short-range communications.It is the backbone of short-range connectivity in the vast majority of devices in...

Exploit Released for Critical BlueBorne Vulnerability that Reveals Nearly All Connected Device

Before a week security experts from Armis Labs revealed a new attack BlueBorne that affects Nearly All Connected Device. Simply to say if you are having Bluetooth...


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