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CIA Officer

Ex-CIA Officer Sentenced to 20 Years for Passing National Defense Information to a Chinese...

CIA Officer Sentenced 20 years prison after convicted under the Espionage Act for conspiracy to transmit national defense information to Chinese intelligence...
CIA sets up Untraceable Dark Web WebSite on the Anonymous, Encrypted Tor Network

CIA sets up Untraceable Dark Web Website on the Anonymous, Encrypted Tor Network

CIA launches its official anonymous onion site over the Tor network, where people can apply for jobs and for reporting information.
CIA Hacking Tools

Ex-CIA Employee Charged for Leaking Powerful CIA Hacking Tools to WiKiLeaks

Joshua Adam Schulte, an Ex-CIA Contractor charged in major CIA hacking Tools leak to Wikileaks that was developed by CIA to spy foreign adversaries. Joshua...
CIA triangle

Blind spot in the Bermuda (CIA) Triangle – Security Challenge with Organisation Insider Threats

Inspection in detail is available for Packet’s behaviour, but unfortunately, there is no possibility or means to inspect a person’s Intention. ( CIA triangle...

Vault 8 Leaks: Wikileaks Revealed CIA’s Secret Malware Control System called “Hive” Source Code

Wikileaks revealed a source code for CIA's Malware control system called Hive which is used by CIA to control their Malware's that is running...


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