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Masad Stealer

Hackers Drop Spyware and Steal the Password, Credit card and Browers Data Using Telegram...

Researchers discovered a new trojan Masad Stealer to deliver the powerful spyware on the targeted systems and exfiltrate the stolen data via...
CryptoCurrency Breaches and Hacking Scandals: How to Address them?

CryptoCurrency Breaches and Hacking Scandals: How to Address them?

The proponents of cryptocurrency always harp on the point that it is very safe and secure and the blockchain technology that is...

Crypto Loans Platform YouHodler Exposes Unencrypted Customer data that Includes Credit cards and Bank...

Noam Rotem and Ran Locar with their research team found a database leak in YouHodler. YouHodler, A Crypto lending site offered an...

New Hacking Tools launching Crypto-Malware by Exploit a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability

Cybercriminals now leveraging new hacking tools and remote access software to drop cryptocurrency malware by exploiting a Windows SMB Server Vulnerability .
SIM Swapping Hacker Group

SIM Swapping Hacker Group Who Managed to Steal $80,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Got Arrested

SIM Swapping Hacker Group who steals $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency got arrested by Turkish police. Eleven individuals were arrested in the question of tricking the...


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