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Mobile malware

Powerful Mobile Malware Rotexy Launched over 70,000 Attacks with Banking Trojan & Ransomware Modules

A new Mobile malware family called Rotexy, launched over 7000 attacks in wide within 3 months of the period from August to October 2018. It...
Linux Machine

New Crypto Malware Spreading that Infects Linux Machines & Removes Anti-Virus

Researchers discovered a new crypto mining malware that infecting Linux users and other network users in order to mining cryptocurrency and disable the Anti-viruses...

21-year-old man Stole $1 Million Within Seconds Through SIM-swapping Hacks

A 21-year-old man, Nicholas Truglia, charged for hacking into the phones of Silicon Valley executive phones to steal their cryptocurrency. Truglia stole $1 million from...
Fake cryptocurrency Wallets

Fake cryptocurrency Wallets Apps on Google Play Steal User Credentials and Mimic as Legitimate...

Fake cryptocurrency wallet apps in Google play aimed at stealing user credentials or impersonate as cryptocurrency wallets. Security researcher Lukas Stefanko discovered four such fake...

School Headmaster Fired For Stealing School Electricity To Mine Ethereum

A Chinese high school headmaster fired for deploying Ethereum mining machine in school for more than a year. He deployed Eight mining machine's in...


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