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sources to trace new vulnerabilities

Top 7 Vulnerability Database Sources to Trace New Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability defined as the weakness that allows the attacker to enter in and harm, it may be a flaw in design or misconfiguration.In...
SaltStack Salt

SaltStack Salt Critical Bug Affects Thousands of Datacenters and Cloud Environments

Salt management framework developed by SaltStack is a configuration tool used to monitor and update servers in datacenters and cloud environments.Multiple critical vulnerabilities with...
Proof-of-concept Exploits Released for CVE-2020-0601, the Microsoft-NSA Crypto vulnerability

Proof-of-Concept Exploits Released for The Microsoft-NSA Crypto vulnerability – CVE-2020-0601

Less than a day after Microsoft disclosed one of the most critical Windows vulnerabilities ever, security researchers have published PoC Exploit that explains how...

Hackers Exploiting More than 9000 Cisco RV320/RV325 Routers After POC published in GitHub

Cybercriminals now actively exploiting 9,852 Cisco RV320/RV325 routers that are vulnerable to critical remote code execution vulnerabilities CVE-2019-1653, CVE-2019-1652.A vulnerability in the Cisco Small Business...

Improved Fallout Exploit Kit – Now supports HTTPS and Flash exploit (CVE-2018-15982)

Fallout is an exploit kit (EK) first identified at the end of August...

Hackers Launching Fallout Exploit Kit with New Flash Exploits That Delivers GandCrab Ransomware

One of the dangerous Fallout exploit kit now back to form with various new futures and delivering one of the widely distributed Ransomware GandCrab....

Adobe Flash Player Bug that can Leak Windows User Credentials

Adobe published a new version of Flash player in the middle of this week covering the Security issues under CVE-2017-3085 that affects all the...

Adobe patches Multiple Security Flaw in Flash Player and Adobe Connect

Adobe releases patches for critical security flaws which allows attackers to control your system. This bundle applies for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS.Flash...

Multiple Vulnerabilities with Pre-installed Packages open Dell systems to Hack

Security experts from Talos discovered a couple of vulnerabilities in Dell Precision software which allow attackers to disable security mechanisms, escalate privileges and execute...

Drupal releases Security update for Multiple Vulnerabilities

Drupal is a content management software. It's utilized to make a considerable amount of the websites and applications you utilize each day. Its tools...

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