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Dark Pink APT Group

Dark Pink APT Group Compromised 13 Organizations in 9 Countries

Dark Pink has successfully targeted 13 organizations across 9 countries, highlighting the extent of their malicious activities.
Bandit Malware Attacks Browsers

New Bandit Malware Attacks Browsers to Steal Personal & Financial Logins

Bandit malware prioritizes Windows as its target and leverages the legitimate command-line tool to execute programs under different user permissions.
GuLoader via Google Drive

Fully Encrypted GuLoader Uses Google Drive to Download Payloads

Antivirus products continuously advance to combat evolving threats, prompting malware developers to create new bypassing techniques like "packing" and "crypting," GuLoader is a notable...
Android Malware on Google Play

New Android Malware on Google Play Store with Over 50,000 Installs

The cybersecurity researchers at ESET recently made a significant discovery, a previously unidentified remote access trojan (RAT) lurking within an Android screen recording app,...
Weaponized DOCX File

Hackers Use Weaponized DOCX File to Deploy Stealthy Malware

CERT-UA has identified and addressed a cyber attack on the government information systems of Ukrainian governmental state bodies.Through investigation, it was discovered that the...
Exploiting Samsung Vulnerability

CISA Warns that Hackers Actively Exploiting Samsung Vulnerability

CISA has issued a recent warning regarding a security flaw that impacts Samsung devices, enabling attackers to circumvent Android's address space layout randomization (ASLR)...
IT Guy Jailed ddos

Russian IT Guy Jailed for DDoSing Government Websites

According to reports from the FSB (Federal Security Service) Department’s Press Service in Rostov Region, Yevgeny Kotikov, an IT specialist, was sentenced to three...
ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Hackers Using AI Tools Like ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Malicious ad campaigns with themes connected to artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT have been seen in Google's search engine, according to...
Cobalt Strike Modified to Attack macOS Users

Hackers Modified Cobalt Strike Capabilities to Attack macOS Users

Geacon, a Cobalt Strike implementation written in Golang, is likely to attract the attention of threat actors looking for vulnerable macOS devices.Threat actors have...
RA Hacker Group Attack Organizations

New RA Hacker Group Attack Organizations in the U.S. & Threaten to Leak Data

The 'RA Group' is a recently emerged ransomware organization that is actively attacking the following companies in the United States and South Korea:-Pharmaceutical companiesInsurance...

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