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Technologies Impact Information Security

How does the Advent of New Technologies Impact Information Security?

The ever-evolving digital age affects information security more than most folks understand. The rate of cybercrimes has increased exponentially and is harmonious...
phishing-as-a-service operation

Hackers Launching large-Scale phishing-as-a-service Operation with 300,000 newly created Phishing Domains – Microsoft

Large-scale well-organized phishing as a service (PhaaS) operation is uncovered recently by Microsoft. This platform helps users to customize campaigns and develop...
Earth Baku APT Hackers

Earth Baku APT Hackers Group Upgraded Its Hacking Toolset for New Cyberespionage

The cybersecurity researchers of Trend Micro have recently detected a campaign that has been initiated by the APT threat actor group Earth...
Cybersecurity Wargaming

Key Recommendation to Avoid Pitfalls in Cybersecurity Wargaming Design

Wargaming has long been used by the military for research and training purposes. Given the growing complexity, sophistication, severity, and frequency of...
IndigoZebra APT group

IndigoZebra APT Group Uses Dropbox Service to Target Government Entities

During a routine investigation, the security analyst of Check Point research has identified a spear-phishing campaign. According to the experts, this campaign...


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