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SilentFade Malware

SilentFade – A Malware Family that Used Facebook ad Platform to Attack Users

Every malware needs a medium to spread the infection, SilentFade malware abuses the Facebook ads platform to attack users for ad fraud,...
How to Become a Certified Cyber Threat Intelligent Analyst?

How to Become a Certified Cyber Threat Intelligent Analyst?

Nowadays, Cyber crimes are increasing. The demand for cyber thteat intelligence experts is high. The field of cyber Intelligence is growing and...
CISA warns

CISA warns that Chinese Hackers Using Open-source Exploitation Tools to Target U.S. Agencies

CISA warns that Chinese nation-state actors using publicly available information sources and common, well-known tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to target U.S....
Uber hack

Former Uber CISO Joseph Sullivan Charged for Helping Hackers for 2016 UBER Hack

Recently, the former security chief of Uber, Joseph Sullivan, was Charged for helping hackers for the 2016 UBER hack. He has been...
Reddit Massive Hack

Reddit Massive Hack – Multiple Subreddits Compromised Posting pro-Trump Messages

Reddit suffered a massive hack, multiple subreddits have been defaced during the last 24 hours, and the attackers posted messages supporting Donald...


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