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Twitter bug

Twitter Bug That Enables Third-party apps to get Unauthorized Access to User’s Direct Messages

Twitter fixed a bug that allows a third-party app to read the user message without user consent. The bug resides in the...

Hackers Using Weaponized Memes to Communicate with Malware for Malicious Operations

Researchers recently observed that cyber criminals using a weaponized memes in order to communicate with malware for various malicious operations.
SQLite Bug

Critical SQLite Bug Affected all Modern Operating Systems and Software

A critical security vulnerability that exists in SQLite affects all the modern mainstream operating systems and software. The vulnerability...
Cryptocurrency Hacks

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Hacks in History

Cryptocurrency Hacks - Cryptocurrencies have had an astronomical growth in the past couple of years. In 2017, the growth reached record levels....
Operation Sharpshooter

Operation Sharpshooter – A New Global Campaign Targets Critical Infrastructure

A new global campaign Operation Sharpshooter targeting critical infrastructure disguising as a job recruitment activity.  Security researchers from McAfee...


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