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Now You Can log in to your Microsoft Account Without a Password

Now You Can log in to your Microsoft Account Without a Password

No one likes passwords because of the inconvenience, and they are the very prime target. From the year’s security is a most...
Microsoft Warns of Azure Bug

Microsoft Warns of Azure Bug That Let Attackers take Control of Azure Container Instances...

The security analysts of the Palo Alto Networks have recently pronounced about a new vulnerability that has been named Azurescape. According to...
Ukrainian man Extradited

Ukrainian man Extradited For Selling Thousands Of Computers Login on a Dark Web Website

In the United States, Florida Karin Hoppmann has announced the extradition of Glib Oleksandr Ivanov-Tolpintsev. They are in a conspiracy where they...
Earth Baku APT Hackers

Earth Baku APT Hackers Group Upgraded Its Hacking Toolset for New Cyberespionage

The cybersecurity researchers of Trend Micro have recently detected a campaign that has been initiated by the APT threat actor group Earth...
DLL side-loading Attack

DLL side-loading Attack Takes Advantage of Windows Search Order to Inject Malicious DLL

Dynamic-link library (DLL) side-loading is an increasingly popular cyberattack method that takes advantage of how Microsoft Windows applications handle DLL files.


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