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ZeroFont Phishing: Hackers Manipulating Font Size to Bypass Office 365 Security

A new but ancient technique for Phishing emails has been recently identified called ZeroFont Phishing. Threat actors have followed several tactics for sending phishing...

Critical Cisco WAN Manager Vulnerabilities Let Attacker Conduct DoS Attack

Cisco, a prominent player in the world of networking and cybersecurity, has issued a critical security advisory concerning multiple vulnerabilities in their Catalyst SD-WAN...

Snatch Ransomware Group Leaked User’s Location and Internal Data

The Snatch Ransomware group is considered dangerous due to its advanced techniques and ability to evade detection. Security systems find it difficult to identify and...

Lu0Bot Node.js Malware Takes Complete Control Over Victim’s Computer

Through strategies like polymorphic code, which continuously alters its appearance to prevent detection, as well as employing encryption and obfuscation to disguise its actions,...

Apple Security Fixes for iPhone, iPad, Safari, Watch & Sonoma14: Update Now!

Apple previously reported three zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in the wild by threat actors, which Apple fixed as part of an Emergency patch update.However,...
APT Attack Healthcare Industries

North Korean and Chinese Hackers Attacking Healthcare Industries

Healthcare has been one of the primary industries targeted by threat actors as part of every malware or ransomware campaign. Many Advanced Persistent Threat...

New AtlasCross APT Using Weaponized Word Documents to Deploy Malware

Cybersecurity analysts at NSFOCUS Security Labs recently uncovered an unknown phishing-based attack process during threat-hunting. Apart from this, during their further investigation, they identified two...

Google Chrome use-after-free Vulnerability Leads to Remote Attack

Google Chrome has been recently discovered to be a Use-after-free vulnerability that threat actors can exploit to attack users. This vulnerability exists in the...

Millions Of Newborn Registry Records Were Compromised In A MOVEit Data Breach

The Progress MOVEit software's vulnerability resulted in a cybersecurity breach that affected BORN (the Better Outcomes Registry & Network), which gathers data on pregnancies, births,...
Cryptojacking Campaign Thesaurus

Cryptojacking Campaign Infected Online Thesaurus With Over 5 Million Visitors

Students, authors, and anybody else wishing to improve their vocabulary and language abilities frequently utilize Thesaurus, one of the well-known platforms with 5 million...

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