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clipper hijacking

MetaMask – First Copy-and-Paste Hijacking Crypto Malware Found in Google Play

The clipper hijacking malware use to intercept the contents of the clipboard and replaces it with the content the attackers want to...
Super Mario

Hackers Launching Gandcrab Ransomware via Super Mario Image Using Weaponized Excel Document

Cyber criminals now spreading a Gandcrab ransomware variant using Steganography Super Mario image via malicious Excel documents. Very...
Ursnif Malware

Hackers Launching Ursnif Malware via Weaponized office Document Using Steganography Technique

Cyber Criminals now distributing powerful ursnif malware via malicious Office Documents with multi-stage highly obfuscated PowerShell scripts to bypass security controls.
SIM hijacking

First SIM Swapping Hacker Convicted, Gets 10 Years in Prison

A 20-year-old college student Joel Ortiz to face 10 years in prison for stealing $5 Million in cryptocurrency through SIM hijacking attacks...

Rising Threats in CyberSpace – Organizations Must be Prepared to Experience

Recently we have seen more increase in various threats and the ways of intruding the network and there were increase...


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