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Netmask npm Package Flaw

Critical “Netmask” npm Package Flaw Affects Hundreds of Thousands of Applications

Cybersecurity researchers Victor Viale, Sick Codes, Nick Sahler, Kelly Kaoudis, and John Jackson have recently detected a severe networking vulnerability in the...
macOS malware XcodeSpy

macOS malware Targets XcodeSpy Targets Xcode Developers with EggShell Backdoor

Recently, the cybersecurity researchers have detected a new malware that is targeting the Xcode developers by adopting the platform's scripting abilities so...
Chinese Hackers Attacking Telecommunications Industry

Chinese Hackers Attacking Telecommunications Industry to Steal 5G Secrets

The threat actors from China are now targeting the telecommunications organizations of Southeast Asia, Germany, Europe, the United States, India, and Vietnam.
Netgear JGS516PE Ethernet Flaws

Netgear JGS516PE Ethernet Switch Flaws let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Recently, Netgear has published security updates to inscribe 15 severe vulnerabilities in its JGS516PE Ethernet switch. These flaws involve an unauthenticated remote...
Google zero-day Vulnerability

Google Fixed yet Another Actively Exploited zero-day Vulnerability in the Chrome Browser

Once again Google has fixed another Zero-day vulnerability in the Chrome browser, and this is the second vulnerability that has been recently...


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