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TrueCaller Flaw Let Hackers Access User Data, System and Location Information

Truecaller fixed a security flaw that may expose sensitive user data, location, and system information. The flaw was discovered by an India-based...
DePriMon Malware

DePriMon Malware Registers Itself as Windows Default Print Monitor To Execute Commands With SYSTEM...

A new malicious downloader dubbed "DePriMon" registers itself as fake Windows Default Print Monitor to achieve persistence and to execute commands as...

37 Vulnerabilities Found in 4 Popular Open-Source VNC Remote Access Software

Researchers found 37 vulnerabilities in four common open-source VNC remote desktop applications that exist since 1999. These vulnerabilities allow attackers to compromise...

OnePlus Hacked – Customers’ Personal Information Accessed by Hackers

OnePlus discloses a security breach, the company says that hackers accessed customers' personal information users' name, contact number, email and shipping address.

Pipka – New JavaScript Skimmer that Attacks eCommerce Website to Steal Payment Card Details

A new JavaScript skimmer dubbed Pipka attacks eCommerce websites to steal the payment data entered into online payment forms of the websites....


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