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New Android Ransomware

New Sophisticated Android Ransomware that Doesn’t Encrypt Files but Blocks Access to Devices

Microsoft detected new Android ransomware with new attack techniques and behavior that indicates the evolution of mobile ransomware. As...
Cerberus Android Banking Malware

Cerberus Android Banking Malware Mimic as Currency Converter App Found on Google Play

Cerberus Android banking malware found on Google play targeting Android users, particularly in Spain. Cerberus spotted first in the year 2019, it...
MediaTek rootkit

Google Patches the Critical MediaTek rootkit Vulnerability that Affects Millions of Android Devices

Google patches a critical vulnerability with MediaTek rootkit chips that affect millions of devices with chipsets from MediaTek. MediaTek...
Darknet Market AlphaBay Moderator Pleads Guilty – 20 Years of Prison

Darknet Market AlphaBay Moderator Pleads Guilty – 20 Years of Prison

Bryan Connor Herrell, 25, AlphaBay Moderator pleads guilty for his job role in the fraudulent organization. Herrell's job role is to resolve...
Cyber Attack Prevention

Top 5 Best Cyber Attack Prevention Methods for Small Businesses With Breach & Attack...

Cyber attack prevention for Small businesses very has to get serious about their cybersecurity. Hackers are now actively Performing Targeted cyber...


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