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VirusTotal Users Data Leak

Sensitive Information of VirusTotal Users Exposed in Data Leak

Globally, security analysts and IT professionals heavily rely on Virustotal, a vast malware database, to scan files for viruses and malware. Even it also...

17 Million Instagram Accounts, 178 GB of TikTok and Yahoo Databases were Leaked

A Major Data Leak of information affects well-known social media sites, including TikTok, Instagram, and Yahoo.The alleged data leak included a 178GB TikTok database,...
Toyota Misconfiguration Data Leak

Toyota Server Misconfiguration Leaks Owners Data for Over Seven Years

The Leak discloses Address, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Email address, Phone number, Name, and Vehicle Registration Number.

Free VPN Data Breach – Over 360 Million User Records Exposed

Based on reports from Jeremiah Fowler, a non-password-protected database exposed nearly 360 million records related to a VPN.The database contained email addresses, device...
ICICI Bank Data Leak

ICICI Bank Data Leak – Millions of Customers’ Sensitive Data Exposed

Researchers have recently found that the ICICI Bank systems misconfiguration caused data leakage, exposing more than 3.6 million customers' sensitive data.ICICI Bank, a multinational...
ransomware attack targeted Yum

Hackers Steal Data from  KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & Habit Burger

A ransomware attack targeted Yum! Brands on January 18, 2023, caused the closure of 300 locations of its fast food chains KFC, Pizza Hut,...
Toyota Discloses Data Breach

Toyota Discloses Data Breach – Customers’ Personal Information Exposed

Toyota Motor Corporation reveals a data breach that may have compromised the personal information of its customers after an access key was made available...

Over 9 Million Credit Card Data Exposed from Leading Payment Systems

An open and unprotected database with 9,098,506 records of credit card transactions was discovered recently by security researcher Jeremiah Fowler and the Website Planet...
Email Hacking Tool

Researchers Found Website Scanner “Urlscan.io” Leaking Sensitive Private Data

Researchers from Positive Security uncovered a website scanner called "Urlscan" that unintentionally leaking sensitive URLs and data due to misconfiguration.It appears that a third...
Thomson Reuters Leaked Data

Thomson Reuters Leaked Over 3TB of Sensitive Data Including Server Passwords in Plaintext

The Cybernews research team noticed that Thomson Reuters left three of its databases publicly accessible which resulted in the leak of more than 3TB...

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