Tag: Data protection

Most Important Data Protection Policies to Keeping Your Personal, Official, Financial Data Safe

The recent compromise of Facebook privacy has caused ripples of fear as to whether any data can be safe. Yes. You can make your...

800 Million Emails Leaked Online From Worlds Largest Email Verification Service

Researchers discovered the 150GB volume of biggest and most comprehensive email unprotected MongoDB that leaked 800 Million Email data online that belongs...
data protection

5 Methods to Secure Your Company’s Data from Cybercriminals

Your data is a big part of your company. There are a hundred ways to immediately lose all of them and that...
Identity Thief

Most Important Steps to Prevent Your Organization From Identity Theft – Detailed Explanation

Identity theft by Identity Thief is the ponder utilization of another person's character, it is a genuine wrongdoing(a serious crime). Identity Thief utilizes data about anybody without...


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