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instant messaging

Telegram Gained 3 Million New Users During Facebook Outage

Facebook outage period turn profitable for Telegram, within 24 hours the instant messaging app gained more than 3 million new users.
Firefox Send

Firefox Send – Free Encrypted File Transfer Service to Share Your Personal Information Securely

Mozilla launched it's free encrypted file transfer service Firefox Send that allows users to share the files simply and securely from any...
Skype Private Conversation

Skype to add End-to-End Encryption for Audio, Text messages, Images and Videos

Microsoft to add end-to-end encrypted Private Conversations for Audio, Text messages, Images, and videos and now for available for Skype Insiders with Skype version...
whatsapp flaw

Security Flaws Identified in WhatsApp Could Allow Attackers to Spy on Group Chats

End-to-end encryption is the major security feature of secure instant messengers, among the most popular one is WhatsApp having more than one billion users. Security...
Mamba Ransomware

Mamba Ransomware is Back to Form and Resumed Attacks Against corporate Networks

A Mamba Ransomware that was badly infected the San Francisco Train System On Nov 2016, now Mamba is again back to form that resumed...


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