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Mirai Variant

New Variant of Mirai Malware Using 13 Different Exploits to Hack Routers Including...

Researchers discovered a new wave of Mirai Variant that used 13 different exploits to attack various router models and other network devices.

Now Mirai Malware Attack as Miori delivered via Delivered via Remote Code Execution Exploit

Most Destructive IoT malware Mirai now being delivered as Miori and its spreading via dangerous remote code execution exploits.

Hackers Hijacking DLink Routers to Gain Bank Credentials By Using Various Router Exploits

New research found that malicious hackers exploiting DLink Routers and attempt to Hijacking DLink Routers DNS setting to redirecting Brazilian bank customers into the...
Exploit Pack

Exploit Pack V10.07 Released with More than 38.000+ Exploits Including Zero-Days

Exploit Pack is a well-integrated open source tool for conducting professional penetration tests. As like any other penetration testing tool it requires understanding and...
Exploit Kit

Hackers Distributing Variety of New Exploits and Malware via Microsoft Office Document Exploit Kit

Newly discovered Microsoft office document exploit kit contains a variety of recent exploits and Malware such as Lokibot, Formbook and tracking kit called such...


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