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Hackers Attack Facebook Business Users Aggressively to Steal Login Credentials

A new and highly concerning cyber threat has emerged, as a botnet known as "MrTonyScam" has been orchestrating an extensive Messenger phishing campaign on...

Is it possible to Read Someone Facebook Messages Without Them Knowing?

Facebook plays a vital role in our day-to-day life, it redefines the way of communication across the globe.It is one of the largest...
Facebook .3 Billion Fine

Facebook Hit With record-breaking $1.3 Billion Fine Over Data Rules

Facebook (now Meta) has faced many allegations and litigations in the past 10 years. Most are related to privacy, data protection, and surveillance in...
Facebook Paid Blue Tick

Facebook & Instagram Begun Rolling Out Paid Blue Tick Service

Meta is introducing Meta Verified on Facebook and Instagram. The popular social networking platform will now permit anyone who agrees to pay the price to...
Facebook Infrastructure Used by Hackers

Facebook Infrastructure Used by Hackers in Phishing Attack Chain

A Meta-Phish attack that could lead to the loss of personally identifiable information (PII), login information, and a Facebook profile link was discovered by...
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Facebook Secret Tool to Remove User’s Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Facebook has introduced a new secret tool that allows users check whether the firm holds their contact information, such as their phone number or...
PHP Malware office

New PHP Malware Distributed as Cracked Microsoft Office Apps, Telegram, & Others

The Zscaler ThreatLabz research team observed a PHP version of ‘Ducktail’ Infostealer distributed in the form of cracked application installer for a variety of...

Malicious Facebook Messenger Chatbots Steal Facebook Pages User’s Credentials

As part of a new phishing attack, impersonating the company's customer support team using Facebook Messenger chatbots, attackers are trying to steal Facebook credentials...
Facebook Sued two Chrome Developers for Scraping Profile Data

Facebook Sued two Chrome Developers for Scraping Profile Data

Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland have filed a legal action in Portugal against two people for scraping user-profiles and other data from Facebook’s website,...
Facebook Messenger Bug

Facebook Messenger Bug Let Android Users Spy On Each Other

Tamagotchi hacker, Natalie Silvanovich, who works as a Security Engineer on Prjoect Zero at Google recently received a bounty of $60,000 for identifying a...

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