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OnePlus 7 Pro Fingerprint Scanner

OnePlus 7 Pro Fingerprint Scanner Hacked In a Minutes Using a Fake Fingerprint

OnePlus 7 Pro Fingerprint Scanner hacked within minutes using Fake Fingerprint that can be created using hot-glue due to inadequate security that...
Nokia 9

Nokia 9 PureView Fingerprint Scanner Bypassed using Chewing Gum Packet

Nokia released updates to fix Nokia 9 PureView's unreliable in-display fingerprint sensor, but the update turns buggy. After the...
Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S10’s Fingerprint Scanner Hacked Using 3D Printed Fingerprint

A security flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanner can be bypassed by just having the duped 3D Printed Fingerprint...


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