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How Does WAF Help in Zero-day Attacks Prevention

How Does WAF Help in Zero-day Attacks Prevention

Zero-day attacks have been a real pain to organizations these days. Due to the unavailability of patches for such attacks, it becomes...
Cloud Security with Prophaze

Measure your Cloud Security in 5 steps with Prophaze

Following the latest business trends, are you also planning to take your business to the cloud? If yes, have you considered the...
10 Best Free Firewall Software 2020

10 Best Free Firewall Software 2021 to Protect Your Network

In this article, we have done the depth analysis and list you top 10 best Free Firewall software that provided extended security...
Sophos XG Firewall

Hackers Exploit SQL Injection & Code Execution Zero-day Bugs in Sophos Firewall

Sophos patched a SQL injection flaw with XG Firewall product that exploited by attackers in the wild. Sophos informed...
tiny spy Chip

Hiding a $200 Tiny Malicious Chips Inside IT Equipment to Gain Stealthy Backdoor Access

New research shows how easy to hide a $200 tiny spy Chip inside an IT equipment and to gain backdoor access to...


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