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Malware Spotted on Google Play

Malware Spotted on the Google Play Store Steals Banking Credentials & Intercepts SMS Messages

The Zscaler ThreatLabz team found the ‘Xenomorph’ banking trojan embedded in a Lifestyle app in the Google Play store. The app's name is “Todo:...
Malware Back on Google Play

Dangerous SharkBot Malware Back on Google Play as Fake Antivirus Apps

Fox IT has observed an upgraded version of the SharkBot malware active in the Google Play and dropping a new version of Sharkbot. This...
Joker malware

New Variant of Infamous Android Joker Malware Bypasses Google Play Security to Attack Users

The Joker malware detected in early June 2019, it employs several tactics to bypass GooglePlay protection and to perform several malicious activities. The malware used...
Cerberus Android Banking Malware

Cerberus Android Banking Malware Mimic as Currency Converter App Found on Google Play

Cerberus Android banking malware found on Google play targeting Android users, particularly in Spain. Cerberus spotted first in the year 2019, it is known...
Tekya Clicker Malware

Tekya Clicker Malware Hides in 56 Apps that Downloaded 1 Million Times Worldwide From...

Google implements a number of ways to filter the malicious apps getting into the play store, but still, attackers continue to find ways to...
Haken malware

8 Malicious Applications in Google Play Store Infects 50,000 Android Users to Steal Data...

A new clicker malware found in Google play dubbed Haken aims to gain control over the affected devices and to generate illegitimate profit. Checkpoint researchers...
Fleeceware apps

Malicious Fleeceware apps on the Google Play Found Installed More than 600 Million Downloads

Fleeceware apps continue to be a problem on Google Play, these app publishers overcharge users for basic functionality if they don't cancel the subscription...
fake reviews

Hackers Install Malware on Android Devices That Open Google Play Store to Provide 5*...

Researchers discovered a new type of strange malware that targeting android device, and use the victim's mobiles to provide fake ratings in Google play...
First Attack Exploits Android Vulnerability CVE-2019-2215 to Install Malware Without User Interaction Via Google Play

Hackers Exploit Android Vulnerability to Install Malware Without User Interaction Via Google Play

Security researchers from Trend Micro observed three malicious apps on Google play that aims to compromise victim's devices and to steal information. The three apps...
Malicious Apps

Google Play Flooding with 100 + Malicious Apps That Installed In More Than 4.6...

Researchers discovered over 100 malicious apps from Google play store that downloaded by more than 4.6 android users around the globe. Most of the...

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