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SIM Swapping Hacker Group

SIM Swapping Hacker Group Who Managed to Steal $80,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Got Arrested

SIM Swapping Hacker Group who steals $80,000 worth of cryptocurrency got arrested by Turkish police. Eleven individuals were arrested in the question of tricking the...
Fin7 Hacker Group

Three Members of Fin7 Hacker Group Charged With Stealing 15 Million Payment Cards

The US Department of Justice charges three members from the infamous FIN7 hacker group, also referred as Carbanak Group. The Carbank hacker group is active...
SIM Swapping Attack

Hacker Group Stolen $5 Million Through SIM Swapping Hacks

A 20-year-old college student Joel Ortiz from Boston arrested by police on July 12 for being a part of the hacker group who hacked...
Rex Mundi

Europol Take Down the Oldest Rex Mundi Hacker Group

The Internet oldest hacker group Rex Mundi was taken down supported by the Europol and the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT). Rex Mundi hacker group...
hacker group

New Malware Campaign Trick Victims as an Adobe Flash Player Installers

Security researchers from ESET identified the sophisticated hacker group Turla added new malware to its arsenal. It attempts victims to install the backdoor via...


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