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25,936 malicious apps

25,936 Malicious Apps Use Facebook APIs to Obtain a Range of Information

25,936 malicious apps currently using facebook login or messaging API, capable of obtaining a range of information from the Facebook profile such as name,...
SquirtDanger Malware

Hacker Selling Powerful SquirtDanger Malware in Underground Market that Take’s Screenshot, Steal Wallets &...

Newly discovered botnet malware called SquirtDanger is widely Distributing, selling, and trading in the global underground market and infect the victims to steal the...
Fake Ad Blockers

More than 20,000,000 Chrome Users are Tricked into Installing Fake Ad Blockers

Nowadays adblockers are quite popular among user's, but before installing extension it is required to make validation checks to ensure that you are installing...

Turnoff Victims Internet Connectivity In LAN and Enjoy High Speed Internet

NetCut is a software which enables a network admin to turn off the internet connection of any machine in a LAN.But It can also...

KickThemOut -Tools to Kick Devices out of Your Network and Enjoy all the Bandwidth

KickThemOut -Tools to kick devices out of your network and enjoy all the bandwidth for yourself.It permits you to choose particular or all gadgets...


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