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Apple Released Security Update & Fixes for iOS FaceTime Zero-day Vulnerability

Apple Released an important security update for iOS, macOS and fixed a critical FaceTime Zero day vulnerability that affected iOS & macOS.

Apple Released Security Updates for iOS, Safari , iCloud, watchOS, tvOS

Apple security updates released for this month and fixed several vulnerabilities that affected its products including iOS, Safari, iCloud, watchOS, tvOS, High Sierra. Along with...
Fitness Tracker

Multiple Malicious Fitness Tracker apps Abusing Apple’s Touch ID Feature To Steal Money From...

Multiple malicious iOS Fitness Tracker apps caught stealing users money by abusing Apple’s Touch ID feature. The apps involved in such malicious activity are...
Remove Malware on Mac

Best way to Remove Malware on Mac, Including Other Unwanted Apps

Some Mac apps are so persistent that you can’t use traditional methods to remove them. Even if you do, there will always be some... DNS Service

Cloudflare’s DNS Service Now Available For Android & iOS that brings More Faster...

Cloudflare released internet's fastest DNS service in last April that brings faster and private DNS service which is now available for Andoird &...


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