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FreakOut Malware

FreakOut Malware that Exploits Critical Vulnerabilities in Linux Devices

Check Point Research (CPR) encountered that ongoing attacks involve a new malware variant, called ‘FreakOut.’ The purpose behind these attacks is to create an IRC...
Gitpaste-12 Malware

Gitpaste-12 Malware via GitHub and Pastebin Attacks Linux Servers and IoT Devices

Gitpaste-12 is a new worm that uses GitHub and Pastebin for housing component code and has atleast 12 different attack modules available. This has...
Lazarus APT Hackers Group Attack Linux & Windows Platform Using  Dacls RAT

Lazarus APT Hackers Group Attack Linux & Windows Platform Using Dacls RAT

Researchers discovered a previously unknown fully functional Remote Access Trojan called "Dacls" from infamous Lazarus APT hackers group to attack Linux and Windows Platform. This...

Multi-Platform Malware “ACBackdoor” Attack Both Windows & Linux Users PC by Executing Arbitrary Code

Researchers discovered a previously undetected multi-platform malware called ACbackdoor that has both Linux and Windows Variant to infect the respective users and steal sensitive...

New Linux Malware “EvilGnome” Spying on Linux Desktop Users and Steal Sensitive Files

Researchers discovered a new Linux malware called "EvilGnome" with previously unseen functionalities that capable of creating a backdoor and spying the Linux desktop users. Based...

New eCh0raix Ransomware Attacking Linux File Storage Servers

A new ransomware strain dubbed eCh0raix targeting Linux based QNAP Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. The ransomware intended to infect and encrypt the files...
Linux Malware

Hackers Use Linux Malware HiddenWasp to Attack Linux Systems for Gaining Remote Access

A new sophisticated, unique Linux malware dubbed HiddenWasp used in targeted attacks against victim's who are already under attack or gone through a heavy...

StealthWorker Brute-force Malware Attack on Windows & Linux Platform Via Hacked E-commerce Websites

Researchers discovered a new brute-force malware called StealthWorker that attack Windows & Linux platform via compromised E-commerce websites to steals personal information and payment...

New Linux Coin Miner that Deletes Other Linux Malware and Coin Miners

A new Linux coin miner that is capable of deleting previously installed Linux malware, coin miners and services associated with that including the connection...

Linux malware that Targets Raspberry Pi for Mining Cryptocurrency

Attackers distributing malicious Trojan that infects only Raspberry Pi Minicomputers. These Trojans have a compressed and encrypted application to generate cryptocurrency. Named as Linux.MulDrop.1, Linux.ProxyM. Both of the malicious Trojans...

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