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Mac Malware

Mac Malware Steals Cookies & saved Passwords when Users Visiting Crypto Exchange Service Websites

A new dangerous Mac Malware discovered that stealing the cookies when users visiting a website that belongs to cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet...
macOS Malware

LamePyre – macOS Malware That Takes Screenshots Repeatedly and Sends to Attacker

A new macOS malware disguised as a copy of Discord app takes screenshotsrepeatedly and sends to attackers command-and-control (C&C) server.  The Legitimate...
macOS malware

Lazarus APT Group Attack Cryptocurrency Exchange using macOS Malware Under the Operation AppleJeus

A cyber espionage APT group called Lazarus hits the cryptocurrency exchanges using fake installer and macOS malware using variously sophisticated techniques. Lazarus group widely known...
MACOS Malware

MACOS Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Users On Slack and Discord – 100% Undetected Virustotal

Hackers targeting Cryptocurrency users On Slack and Discord chat platforms with MACOS Malware dubbed OSX.Dummy. The malware targeted users in crypto related chat groups Slack...
Fruitfly macOS Malware

A Man Used Fruitfly macOS Malware over 13 Years For Spying Thousand of Computers

A Cyber Crime case charged again a man who belongs to Ohio for using critical macOS malware called Fruitfly to spying thousands of computers...


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