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More than 1,300 Android Apps Steals user Data Even After the Permission is Denied

More than 1,300 Android Apps Steals user Data Even After the Permission Denied

Smartphone plays a vital role in day-to-day activities, it has access to sensitive resources such as sensors, camera, Microphones, and GPS. For...
50 Malicious Apps

50 Malicious Android Apps Bypassed Google Play Protection and Infected 30 Million Android Users

More than 50 malicious apps with more than 30 Million installations found on Google play, that display annoying ads and in some...
Malicious apps

13 Malicious Apps in Google Play With More than 560,000+ Installs

Malicious apps in Google play that tricks the user to download additional apps in the background that display ads in the infected device. Security researcher...
malicious apps reappeared

7 Malicious Apps Reappeared on the Play Store Using Google Icons

Seven malicious apps reappeared in Play store with slightly different names under a new publisher account. Those malicious apps are already reported to Google by...
Google Blocked

Google Blocked 700,000 Malicious Apps From Play Store in 2017

Google blocked nearly 700,000 Malicious Apps in 2017 alone that violated Google Play Store policies and Malvertising Apps which silently Performing malicious activities on...


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