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Phishing Attacks

Shut Down Phishing Attacks – Types, Methods, Detection, Prevention Checklist

In today's interconnected world, where digital communication and transactions dominate, phishing attacks have become an ever-present threat.By masquerading as trustworthy entities, phishing attacks deceive...
Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

Invicta Malware Delivered Through Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

The creator of this Invicta malware is heavily active on social networking sites, using them to advertise their information-stealing malware and its deadly...
Bandit Malware Attacks Browsers

New Bandit Malware Attacks Browsers to Steal Personal & Financial Logins

Bandit malware prioritizes Windows as its target and leverages the legitimate command-line tool to execute programs under different user permissions.
ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Hackers Using AI Tools Like ChatGPT to Deploy Malware

Malicious ad campaigns with themes connected to artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT have been seen in Google's search engine, according to...
SIM Swapping Technique

Hackers Use SIM Swapping Technique to Gain Access to Microsoft Azure Machines

Researchers uncovered a financially motivated threat group known as 'UNC3944' which employs phishing and SIM-swapping techniques to seize control of Microsoft Azure admin accounts. Enabling...
VirusTotal AI code Analysis

VirusTotal AI code Analysis Expanded to Spot Malicious Windows, and Linux Script Files

In April 2023, Google announced VirusTotal Code Insight to improve the capacity of its malware detection and analysis platform. This week, Google released an...

DangerousPassword – Hackers Use New Attack Pattern to Infect Devices With Malware

Recently, it has been observed by JPCERT/CC that threat actors are actively targeting the cryptocurrency exchanges linked to the DangerousPassword attack campaign (aka CryptoMimic...
Android Phones Pre-Infected Malware

Millions of Android Phones Comes Pre-Infected with Malware Firmware

Researchers from Trend Micro at Black Hat Asia claim that criminals have pre-infected millions of Android devices with malicious firmware before the devices ever...

New Weaponized Android Apps With 1M Installs Steals 2FA Codes & Passwords

Check Point Research has recently published a study revealing the discovery of a previously unknown malware variant dubbed FluHorse.The malware comprises multiple malicious Android...
Malware Telegram Bots

Malware Campaigns Abusing Telegram Bots to Spread Rapidly

Numerous updates and alterations were witnessed in the major malware families employed in phishing scams during the first quarter of 2023, alongside significant variations...

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