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DarkHydrus Hacking Group Uses Macro-Enabled Excel Document that Delivers RogueRobin Malware

DarkHydruns APT Group targets government entities in the middle eats with weaponized excel documents that delivers a new variant of RogueRobin trojan...
financial institutions

African Financial Institutions Targeted by Hackers With Multiple Malware and Living off the Land...

Attackers targeted west African financial institutions with generic malware and with living off the land tools. The attack appears to be from...

Pirate Bay Downloaders Beware!! – Hackers Launching Dangerous Malware via Torrent Files

Piratebay users are now being victimized by malware and phishing attack that hijacking the websites and steal the cryptocurrencies.

Hackers Launching Ransomware and CryptoMiner via Love_You MalSpam Campaign

The worst alliance of Ransomware and the CryptoMiner family in a spread spree, early January 2019. Malware Spam or MalSpam is...

A Scary Evolution & Alliance of TrickBot, Emotet and Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Ryuk first appeared in August 2018, and while not incredibly active across the globe, at least three organizations were hit with Ryuk...


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