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DDE exploit

Pentesting Windows Using Microsoft Office DDE Exploit (MACROLESS)

DDE exploit also was known as dynamic data exchange, it allows data to be transferred between applications without any interaction from the...
poc exploit

Hacker Published Microsoft Edge Remote Code Execution PoC Exploit Online

A Hacker and exploit Writer Bruno Keith revealed a PoC Exploit code online for critical Microsoft Edge remote code execution vulnerability .
Internet Explorer

Microsoft Released Security Updates for Internet Explorer zero-day

Microsoft released security updates for remote code exection vulnerability that exists with Internet explorer, which allows an attacker to execute an arbitary...

Facebook Gave Users Personal Data Access including Private Messages to Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix,...

Facebook's internal document shows that it gave users personal data access to some of the tech gaints including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix,...
Malware Detection Competition

Microsoft Launchs a New Windows machine Malware Detection Competition for $25K Cash Prize

Microsoft launches Malware Detection Competition with AI to test whether the participants AI malware detection models can accurately predict malware from the...


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