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COVID-19 Training Lure

Hackers Using COVID-19 Training Lure to Attack Office 365 Users

Coronavirus poses a huge impact globally, most of the countries in lockdown and some countries returning to some sort of normality.
Microsoft 365 Customers

Hackers Extensively Attacking Microsoft 365 Customers Using Malicious .slk Files

Hackers use a new attack method that bypasses both Microsoft 365 default security (EOP) and advanced security (ATP). The...

Hackers Bypass Multi-factor Authentication to Hack Office 365 & G Suite Cloud Accounts Using...

attackers targeting legacy protocols with stolen credential dumps to increase the speed and efficiency of the brute force attacks.

baseStriker – 100 Million Email Users are Vulnerable Critical Office 365 Zero-day Flaw

A new security flaw uncovered in Office 365 dubbed baseStriker puts 100 Million Email Users at risk. With this vulnerability, attackers can bypass all...
Office 365

Microsoft Added Ransomware Protection, Recovery & Email Encryption For Office 365 Users

Now office 365 users get's built-in Ransomware Detection, Recovery & Email encryption. The new functions are coming to Office 365 Home and Office 365...


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