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Chinese Government

Gandcrab Ransomware Attack on Chinese Government Internal Network

Hackers launched ransomware attacks on Chinese Government department and infected their internal computer network to lock the file and demand the ransom.
Jackson County

Massive Ryuk Ransomware Attack on Entire Computers of Jackson County, Georgia – $400,000...

Rural Jackson County, Georgia computer systems are infected with Massive Ryuk ransomware attack that leads to shut down all the operations.

Hackers Spreading JCry Ransomware that Infecting Windows users via Compromised Websites

Cyber criminals spreading new ransomware called Jcry which is written in Go language via #OpJerusalem2019 campaign that attack Windows users to encrypt...
Fake Browser Update

Beware!! Fake Browser Update Drops a Ransomware & Banking Malware into Your Computer

Researcher recently discovered a malicious Fake Browser Update campaign that being delivered a ransomware and banking malware into target computer via fake...

Torrents Sites Banned A Famous “CrackNow” Torrent Uploader that sharing GandCrab Ransomware

Many of the torrent sites strictly banned the popular torrent uploader CrackNow that caught for upload malicious files including GandCrab Ransomware.


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