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RDP Attack Doubled

Hackers Attacking Windows RDP Attack Doubled in this Pandemic – Over 100K Attacks Daily

Since the lockdown huge portion of employees working remotely through personal devices to access sensitive organization computers Windows’ Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
Reverse RDP

Reverse RDP – Microsoft Patch for RDP client Opens Room for Other Attacks

Researchers discovered several critical vulnerabilities that let attackers reverse the usual direction of communication and infect the user's computer.
RDP Brute-force Attacks

RDP Brute-force Attacks on Rise Since Organizations Worldwide Introduced Remote Working

Coronavirus has a direct impact on cybersecurity, threat actors taking advantage of the current situation to launch various attacks such as malware,...
RDP service

Hackers Abuse RDP Service to Exfiltrate Data and Drop Different Malicious Payloads

Hackers abuse legitimate RDP service to use fileless attack techniques for dropping multi-purpose off-the-shelf tools for device fingerprinting and to deploy malicious...
BlueKeep RDP vulnerability

Microsoft Warns of More BlueKeep RDP Attacks to Deploy CoinMiner Malware – Patch Now!!

Microsoft Urges users to patch for BlueKeep RDP vulnerability as it could result in more effective attacks. The Bluekeep exploit can be...


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