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Home Routers

Popular Home Routers Affected With Multiple Critical Security Flaws

According to a new report, 127 home routers developed by seven different large vendors affected with multiple critical security flaws.

Hackers Exploiting Two 0-Day Bugs in DrayTek Routers & Create A Backdoor in Enterprise...

Researchers observed two new hackers groups abusing two DrayTek Routers' zero-day vulnerabilities to exploit the enterprise network routers and perform a series...
Ruckus Wireless Routers

3 Critical RCE Vulnerability That Affects Ruckus Wireless Routers Let Hackers Exploit the Routers...

A security researcher discovered a 3 critical remote code execution vulnerabilities in Ruckus Wireless routers let malicious hackers bypass the routers and...

Gafgyt Malware Infect Wireless Routers and Recruit into Botnets to Attack Gaming Servers

Researchers discovered a new malware variant dubbed Gafgyt infect IoT devices specifically routers used in a small office and home network. The...
Verizon Fios Quantum

Verizon Fios Router Vulnerabilities Allows Attackers to Gain Complete Control Over the Network

Security researchers at Tenable uncovered multiple flaws with Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router that allows a remote attacker to gain complete access...


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